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I believe that every1 has 2 different sides 2 thier personality (nvr judge a book by its cover) LIFE IS A 2 FACED BITCH!

I believe that inside of every person is two different people, with two different sides i also believe that one of these people is a god like spirit which helps us and guides us through life.

I believe that the world was not created by god but was amazingly well planned out and equipped fooling people in2 believing it could not possibly have occured by a 'big bang'. I believe in the scientific reasons for the way things are but that doesnt stop me from also believing that a god lives in all of us.

 I do not believe in n e religions existing no offence 2 religious ppl but some of the things they believe in r physically impossible 4 example the 'virgin' mary mayb there was a woman called mary and mayb she gave birth 2 jesus but no way was she a virgin nor did he save lives the impossible way or walk on water! do ppl reli believe that crap!

I believe in SANTA! the EASTER BUNNY! the TOOTH FAIRY! and PETERPAN! plus some other beings of which ppl tend 2 call 'fairytale' and 'unreal'! (how dare u!!)

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