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Ya reli wana no wot goes on in my head?! ah well ur bout 2 find out!


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1)You may never come up wiv n e exuse not 2 b random!EVER!

2)No Drinking age restriction

3)No restriction on the age you can have sex

4)No restrictions on who can get guns

5)If on this site between the hours of 4-5am you MUST wear undergarments of the opposite gender, if you dont have any MAKE SOME!

6)You must belive in santa, the tooth fairy, the easter bunny and all fairy tail characters who actually exist!

7)Under no circumstances can you be as sexy as Tom Wonnacott

8)No wearing green flamenko dresses every third sunday

9)It is forbidden to own a pig of a Latvian background

10)All dogs must be kept on the left hand side of the road unless their owners grandfather was a left handed vietnamise war hero in which case they must walk exacetly down the middle

11)You may only eat hundreds and thousands in even numbers

12)2nd of January is national Jack Blaine is gay day

13)You must all celebrate Amy day on the 26th of March

14)Legalise Marajuana

15)Ban Football

16)Ban townies

17)No chavs allowed on the face of this earth

18)No takin the piss outa my height!

19)Dont forget ur CONDOMS!

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This site was created with much appreciated help from Ash