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Ya reli wana no wot goes on in my head?! ah well ur bout 2 find out!


This is a page to show you all my friends.

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My mates are:


ya cant get a betta m8 dan stacey n i luv er 2 bits! she fantastic n always knows how 2 brighten up d dullest days! thnx chuck ur a star!


kat is an awsum m8 shes fantastic knows how 2 hav fun and more importantly shes here when i need her wot more can a girl b?


aimee ur a star, a gr8 m8 wiv a gd sence of humour n funny as fuck wen pissed !! lol


ash is 1 of me bestest buds! hes fuckin gr8, always here 2 listen 2 me ramble on bout me probs n always makes me betta, thnx hunni!


ces is gr8 shes original and independant and ya gotta luv her 2 bits


hes ace always here 4 me wen i need him n a gr8 m8 2 evry1 we all appreciate his amazing talent 2 cheer us up!


james is the definition of randomness! not only does he have his wierd and wacky ways but he is a gr8 listner, a brill m8 n a bunch of laughs!



im guna descibe u in 1 word wierdwuptydoo,duz it matter its not a real word

This site was created with much appreciated help from Ash