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Ya reli wana no wot goes on in my head?! ah well ur bout 2 find out!


My views on things

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1)I believe that inside of every person is two different people, with two different sides i also believe that one of these people is a god like spirit which helps us and guides us through life.

2)I believe that the world was not created by god but was amazingly well planned out and equipped fooling people in2 believing it could not possibly have occured by a 'big bang'. I believe in the scientific reasons for the way things are but that doesnt stop me from also believing that a god lives in all of us.

3) I do not believe in n e religions existing no offence 2 religious ppl but some of the things they believe in r physically impossible 4 example the 'virgin' mary mayb there was a woman called mary and mayb she gave birth 2 jesus but no way was she a virgin nor did he save lives the impossible way or walk on water! do ppl reli believe that crap!

4)I believe in SANTA! the EASTER BUNNY! the TOOTH FAIRY! and PETERPAN! plus some other beings of which ppl tend 2 call 'fairytale' and 'unreal'! (how dare u!!)


1)In my opinion every1 has a perfect partner sumwhere in d world but i also believe dat d world is so big u will never find them
2)In my opinion there are many lads who are not what they seem and can be complete wankers but there are the rare few hu are reli sweet n genuine, so watch out girls.
3)In my opinion "music" with either crap lyrics, continuous screeming or no sexual beat should b banned!

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