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Ya reli wana no wot goes on in my head?! ah well ur bout 2 find out!


This is a page to show you more of my friends. I apoligise 2 n e 1 i miss out!


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Ur a gr8 m8 ur random n up 4 a laff all the time!


patty is a reli gd m8 hes understanding and caring n nomatter what he is always there 4 all his m8s when we need him, hes always thinkin about d future and planning ahead which most of us cant b arsed 2 do :P


joel is so very random as r most of my m8s but he is also cute n my site would not b complete wivout a pic of him



si is an ace m8 hes funny n carin n comfortable 2 lean on :P lol n hes always relaxed apart from wen hes on his 'male period' which is amusing!


This site was created with much appreciated help from Ash