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Ya reli wana no wot goes on in my head?! ah well ur bout 2 find out!



This is the land where everything is possible and dreams can come true!!!!

Well i guess u wana no sum stuff bout me lol im amy 15(16 in sept :P) small:((no laffin from those hu no me!) ive got blue eyes and brown hair as you can c on the pic below although my hair seems to look red there :s lol.Im in yr 10 at yarborough school in lincoln its alright there i suppose, nearly in yr 11(1 yr 2 go :D yey ). I love art and i will put my artwork on this site as well as links to some of my favourite artists websites .If u hav n e suggestions for my site plz let me no wen u sign my guestbook.AND U WILL SIGN IT!! lol :P



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Favourite things:

Fav tv show: f.r.i.e.n.d.s!!(cant believe its ova!)

fav movie:findin nemo!!

music:random shit

fav food:curry

person i most admire:ma m8s!

music:random shit

Id also like 2 add dat i luv all ma m8s loads n appreciate them so much, they are always here when i need them and this means a lot 2 me-thanx!



This site was created with much appreciated help from Ash